2020 05/22
ABLECOM, A Leading Manufacturer of Server Chassis

ABLECOM is specializing in the design and manufacture of high-quality server chassis. As a global server manufacturer, our R&D is committed to the design and creation of high-end servers and workstations. Many patent of mechanisms and ingenious designs have been published.


ABLECOM is not only focus on the IT server market, we also actively expand the product line to Industrial PC (IPC) in recent years. The digital electronic signage was our first application to the IPC market. We launched a variety of related applications on the COMPUTEX TAIPEI in 2013, and integrate some digital electronic signage products into a series of application integration, so that visitors can fully understand the overall corporate image.


The product has distance control and scheduling functions, it could support for multi-screen display and playback. Via the show, visitors can better understand the application and performance of digital electronic signage. Visitors could also see the design of professional tower and rack-mount servers and digital electronic signage products. We launched the CS-M50 exclusive class chassis and its related applications, its precision design and excellent heat dissipation integrates many functions into the chassis, it makes you have some new ideas for the chassis.


ABLECOM's Headquarter is located in Taiwan, it's also our main production base. The concept of management is sustainable, so we take “Green Smart” as our enterprise core beliefs. The whole factory area provides One-Stop-Shopping services from R&D, design, samples, verification, molds, production, and manufacturing to customer. As a fully automated factory, the operational environment consistent with the standards, advantageous to reduce the cost and quality control, we're definitely your best choice be your OEM/ODM partner.


ABLECOM act as a leader supplier, our comprehensive service includes server chassis design and manufacture. On the strength of Professional technique and sincere, we have established long-term cooperative relationship with customers for more than 10 years. Cooperate with them in nearly 300 different types of server chassis. Currently, we have actively invested in the development of related Industrial PC (IPC) business. Products are sold to more than 30 countries around the world, and we are world-renowned server supplier for the OEM/ODM.


"Professional R&D" ; "product planning ability" and "excellent manufacturing cost control" are our strength. Comprehensive solutions are applied vertically in various industrial markets, widely used in bank data systems, monitoring systems, medical System, entertainment industry, transportation industry, network communication, and telecommunications industry.