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We believe that talent is the company's most important asset. Most of the company's achievements come from the contributions of excellent and professional employees. We sincerely welcome outstanding talents from institutions, R&D and other fields to join this big family.

Salaries and benefits

  • - Organize domestic and international tourism.

    - Provide lunch.

    - Unlimited supply of ground coffee and tea bags.

    - Elegant and comfortable office decor.

    - Provide locomotive space and car space. (Supervisor or higher-level technical personnel)

  • - The laws and regulations insure labor insurance and health insurance.

    - Distribute generous three quarters and year-end bonuses.

    - According to the contribution degree, etc., free non-allotment allotment will be issued.

    - Implement employee stock ownership system.

    - Establish a staff welfare committee.

    - Organize dinners and group activities.

  • Talent training and career planning

    Training based on the professional core capabilities of the unit's function planning, and matching the company's business strategy and organizational needs

  • Latest vacancies