2020 05/22
ABLECOM and SuperMicro Computers Have A Joint Venture To Expand The Factory

ABLECOM (a renowned server chassis manufacturer) and Supermicro Computers (the third biggest server manufacturers in the world) decided to have joint venture NT$5 billion to build the first phase of the Supermicro Science Park in Taoyuan City. The construction was completed and opening a few days ago, and it is expected to start trial mass production in February this year. ABLECOM's general manager "Steve Liang" , he said that it could be estimated that web service's market saturation will happens in the next three years. Until then, the annual yield will reach more than 1 million units and gross production will reach NT$ 10 billion. ABLECOM is going to become the largest server chassis manufacturer in Taiwan.


We would like to seize the future business opportunity about web service and cross-strait signed for Economic Cooperation Framework Agreement (ECFA), after this agreement takes effect, ABLECOM and SuperMicro Computers will be in conformity with government policy five-year tax exemption scheme. Both of enterprises decide to build a R&D operations research center in Taoyuan City, and specializing in high-quality server chassis design and manufacture. Policy promoted by Ministry of Economic Affairs, coupled with the high-quality administrative efficiency, communication and coordination of the Taoyuan City Hall. The whole science park’s planned speed of construction had gone smoothly.


The science park covers an area of 60,000 square meters, and its phased construction had two phases. The first phase was completed at the end of December 2011. The second phase is estimated to be completed within 3 years. After the mass production formally trial in the 1Q of this year, it will not only march Alliance companies into the Asia Pacific Operations Manufacturing Center to increase the value of production for the entire science park, but also generated thousands of jobs.


ABLECOM's General Manager─Steve Liang said that ABLECOM was previously located in China. In the recent years, the market demand growth strongly in the next three years and diversification to the mainland. We have a plan to enlarge factory's scale in Taiwan and let Taiwanese factory's production capacity comparable to the Chinese one in the future. Although Chinese manufacturing cost is lower than Taiwan, it generates expense by instability of policy in the mainland. Another reason is that most materials still need to be imported from Taiwan, so Taiwan becomes the best choice to reduce the cost of material's shipping rate and tariffs.


ABLECOM's General Manager─Steve Liang said that due to SMC's server orders continue to increase in the next few years, and related server product's diversified requirement for multimedia terminal (MT), industrial control, and security surveillance. With fast delivery, mobile services, ABLECOM will greatly improve its ability to take orders and large-variety production. The most important is that creating faster and better product value to customers.