2020 05/22
ABLECOM and SuperMicro Computers Have A Joint Venture To Build A R&D Operations Research Center In Taiwan

Asia Pacific Operations Manufacturing Center held a groundbreaking ceremony on February 26, 2000. The person in the photo is ABLECOM's General Manager  "Steve Liang".


In response to demand of the Cloud Services Market in the next 3 to 5 years. We are optimistic about the Economic Cooperation Framework Agreement (ECFA) takes effect, it makes foreign-funded enterprises increase their willingness to open factory in Taiwan. ABLECOM Taiwan and a listed company in the US─SuperMicro Computers (SMC) (the third largest server manufacturer in the world) have a cooperative strategy. In conformity with government policy five-year tax exemption scheme for the encouragement of investment is cooperation content. Both of enterprises decide to build a R&D operations research center in Taoyuan City, and specializing in high-quality server chassis design and manufacture.


The total amount of this investment case was as high as NT$10 billion. Policy promoted by Ministry of Economic Affairs, coupled with the high-quality administrative efficiency, communication and coordination of the Taoyuan City Hall. The whole science par's planned speed of construction had gone smoothly. It was very definite to establish the Asia Pacific Operations Manufacturing Center in Taoyuan city on March 2011. And the first phase of the project had been completed by the end of December at the same year. ABLECOM had spent nearly NT$5 billion and planed to set up an operation research center and a server chassis production line would increase manufacturing capacities of 1 million units within three years.


In 1Q 2012, mass production was begun officially to meet the needs of the vast server chassis market in the Asia-Pacific. Alliance companies marched into the Asia Pacific Operations Manufacturing Center to increase the value of production for the entire science park. This was not only promoted local taxation in Taoyuan City, but also generated more than 1000 jobs.


The science park covers an area of 60,000 square meters, and its phased construction had two phases. The first phase was completed by December 2011. As this construction was built, it became the biggest server manufacturing base in Taiwan. "In the past, our production bases were in China. Since we are optimistic about the growth of market in the next three years, we will extend the plant to achieve the plan of increasing Taiwan's manufacturing capacities. It is estimated that the production capacity of the plant will it occupies 40% of the overall revenue. In the next 5 years, ABLECOM Group’s annual revenue should exceed NT$20 billion."


ABLECOM's General Manager─Steve Liang said, "Due to SMC's server orders continue to increase in the next few years, and the ODM product's diversified requirement for multimedia terminal (MT), industrial control, and security surveillance, we could create faster and better product value for customers, and determine the relationship with partners. Moreover, the advantage strategy of Taoyuan Science Park is very suitable for establishing an Asia-Pacific operation center here, which can meet the needs of customers and allow us to achieve a win-win goal with customers!"


ABLECOM is the leading supplier of server chassis. Over the past 10 years, we are sustainable growth and built-up long term cooperative relationship. We have collaborated with the supplier to develop more than 200 various types of Rackmount Server, hot pluggable power supply and removable hard drive tray. In recent years, we are actively invested in the field of industrial PC (IPC). Currently, we registered as a bonded factory; our business tax can enjoy zero-tax-rate, expedite clearance, saving for taxes and expenses, and reduce operation cost. ABLECOM's headquarter is located in Taoyuan, Taiwan, chassis products are sold in more than 30 countries around the world. It is expected that the total number of employees will increase to more than 2,000 people in the next two years. We are the third largest server enterprise for the OEM / ODM foundry in the world.