Ablecom Group

Ablecom Group, including Ablecom Technology Co., Ltd., Compuware Technology Co., Ltd., ALT Technology Co., Ltd., has leading core technology in the industry and can provide comprehensive services immediately. The company group provides different types of products to meet customers' needs in the computer, components and semiconductor industry related fields.

Group Organization

Founded in 1997

Since 1997, Ablecom has been a leader in design and manufacture high quality server chassis. We focus on providing mission-critical and high-end chassis for servers, workstation, and blades. We also dedicated in providing advanced cooling and low-noise solutions . Furthermore, Ablecom also provides many chassis solutions for embedded system applications.

Both fan and fanless designs are supported by the professional and experienced chassis suppliers. Besides, the company has been capable of providing server systems and embedded systems products for more and more requirements by customers. Because of providing miscellaneous products and services which are seamless link with Cloud Computing and IoT (Internet of Things) applications, Ablecom has been the excellent partners in IoT ecosystem.

Founded in 2007

ALT has mastered the two skills with patented heat sink design and power supply which is considered breakthrough technology for LED lighting. Today, ALT is one of the most influential LED lighting manufacturer.

Currently experiencing tremendous growth, ALT will continue to develop lighting products that can help reduce humankind’s carbon footprint. We know we all have a responsibility to protect the fragile planet we live on, and ALT is at the front of the pack, leading the way forward. Our future product generations will continue to save energy while emitting the brightness and colour of your preference. We are committed to developing future products that take LED lighting to the next level.

Founded in 2004

Compuware is a global leading company of Green Power Supply design and manufacturing. The company has dedicated into『Technology Innovation, Green Environment, Module Structure』as its development cores

It has professional RD teams, high quality production capabilities, solutions for diversified requirements of power supplies. It also provides competitive and extraordinary products, which makes it the most reliable partner for its customers and suppliers, and creates the best product competition for its customers.